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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Central New Delhi

Krishanan proves that destiny is made by god

30 March, 2010

Uttar Ujala, Nainital

Krishanan Ne Jamaye Bhajnon Ke Rang

29 March, 2010

Mehka Bharat, Jaipur

Hindustani Shastriya Gayan

24 March, 2010

Dainik Kauser, New Delhi

Krishanan Ne Jamaye Bhajnon Ke Rang

21 March, 2010


Karyakrm Prastut Kiya

20 March, 2010

Veer Arjun, New Delhi

Krishanan Natrajan ne Hindustani Shastriya Gayan prastut kiya

20 March, 2010

Rojana Sabki Khabar

Krishanan Natrajan Ka Hindustani Shastriya Gayan

20 March, 2010

Shah Times

Hindustani Shastriya Gayan Sampan

18 March, 2010

Uttar Prahri, Noida

Krishanan Natrajan ka Shastriya Gayan

  • Article in Hindustan Times- Dec 5th 2009

  • Article in TOI-Dwarka Plus - June 09

  • I have seen him in Chinmaya Mission since many years. He has got great depth and Bhakti in his voice. May God bless him.
    Swami Tejomayananda- Spiritual Head, Chinmaya Mission

  • When you hear this voice you will instantly exclaim from inside "This is an original voice of the finest quality". I am impressed by Krishnna's wonderful command over Sur and Tal and his superb singing
    Sonu Nigam (Playback Singer) in a Music Festival in New Delhi...

  • I think Krishnna has developed a habit of winning music competitions......last week at Mood Indigo-IIT and now at Grant Medical........ I am happy to hear him and award him on both occasions....
    Jituraj (Popular Radio Compere--- at an intercollege fest festival in New Delhi -1994)

  • Krishnna is an inspiration for the youth and for those who follow their passion....
    Siti Channel (2008)

  • I am happy to see such a traditional and systematic approach in the development of Khayal....
    Madhumita Ray--Hindustani Classical Vocalist

  • I am deeply impressed by the timbre of Krishnna's voice. It reminds me of Pt. Omkarnath Thakurji. If he continues his talim he could be..... well..... one of the voices of India!
    Arup Ratan Mukherjee- Sitarist

  • I am amazed at his soulfulness and felicity of renditions.....
    R.Sreenivasan Director ,Careerlauncher

  • He has equal mastery over Hindustani and Karnatic and sings from great peace. This is the magic of his Guru who is himself at great peace.
    Shamsher Singh-Vocalist and Musician

  • He is one of those who sings with great amount of Bhakti owing to his spiritual background
    Br.Girish ChaitanyaChinmaya Mission.

  • Extremely Melodious and Soulful
    Mrs. Gayatri David, Classical Vocalist and Founder Sangeet Bhavan, Lucknow .