Rageshri Foundation

Past programmes/Baithaks of Rageshri Foundation

Rageshri Foundation is a registered foundation with the purpose of promoting Indian Classical music , dance and traditional arts of India. Earlier Ustad Haryson and other close friends like Sri Vishan Lal and Sri. Scheele used to run a popular music society named "Ankur" which used to encourage young artists. Rageshri Foundation is the outcome of Ustad Haryson's decision to register a music foundation ,encourage artists and continue the service to classical music.

Ustad Haryson (9818379513)
Krishnna Natarajan - Hindustani Vocalist
Lalitkumar- Sitarist. (9871504425)
Core Members: Sri Vishan Lal, Smt Parveen Behl, Smt. Subashri Murthy- Carnatic Vocalist, Sri Satish Kumar- Tabalist.